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    Policies & Contract




    # OF PEOPLE (to be confirmed before event):

    ADULTS_____________CHILDREN: __________

    TOTAL :_________

    Part A


    Darwin Can Do Catering will not be responsible for providing food for people with food allergies. It is the responsibility of the client to inform all guests that our food may contain nuts/peanuts and or fish/shellfish ingredients in our kitchen at any given time.

    (           ) initial

    Catering Pricing

    Each event catered by Darwin Can Do Catering is cost out and priced by the number of people that are estimated to attend the function. In the event there is less than 100 people add $2 a person.  At this time, we are unable to accommodate groups less than 80 people.

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    When booking in advance, Darwin Can Do Catering cannot guarantee the current price due to major fluctuations in pricing from our suppliers, we will recommend an alternative product or menu.

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    Deposit and Cancellation
     We accept Cheque or Cash

    Darwin Can Do Catering will provide food, service and rental items etc., on a specified day and times only. This contract will be valid only after it is signed by the client and Darwin Can Do Catering and a 25% deposit of the total contract has been received. Darwin Can Do Catering requires an additional 50% of the total contract be paid 30 days prior to the event. The final food orders and remaining 25% to be paid 10 days prior to the day   of the event.


    If the said client, for any reason cancels the contract with Darwin Can Do Catering the 25% deposit will be retained by Darwin Can Do Catering and is non – refundable. 10 days notice prior to the event must be given and only then, 50% of the total payments received will be returned to the client. If the cancellation is less than 7 days prior to the event the full amount will be retained by Darwin Can Do Catering.  In the event Darwin Can Do Catering cannot fulfill the agreed upon contract for any reason, all money given as a deposit will be returned in full to the client.  The client waives any right to legal action against Darwin Can Do Catering, the owner, and or any parties connected with Darwin Can Do Catering.

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    Surplus Food

    Darwin Can Do Catering is contracted to provide food and service for the client on a specified day and for a specified event only. In the event  there are “no shows” which results in surplus food, the client is still responsible to pay the contracted price. Darwin Can Do Catering takes all “surplus food” at the end of the catered event. In the event the client requests the ‘surplus food” equivalent to the number or guests that did not show, Darwin Can Do Catering has the right to decide a reasonable portion size per person. Darwin Can Do Catering hereby disclaims any liability for handling, quality or freshness or any “surplus food” requested by the client after the conclusion of the catered event.

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    Part B

    Client Provides Food

    In the event the client provides a portion of the menu for an event catered by Darwin Can Do Catering, Darwin Can Do Catering herby disclaims any responsibility for the handling of the clients provided food, as well as all food provided for the event by Darwin Can Do Catering.

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    Darwin Can Do Catering is more than happy to offer seconds to your guests, however, we only provide the amount of dishes ordered. So please announce to your guests to bring their plate with them for seconds.

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    Paper Products Provided By Client

    If the client plans to provide and use paper plates and plastic cutlery for their catered event, we require the paper products be dropped off at our kitchen prior to the event so we can inspect and get them ready.

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    Hall & Tent Site Setup

    Prior to catered event, a viewing and plan of the hall or site set up and electrical services is required to ensure adequate space is available for efficient set up.

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    Table and table Coverings

    Darwin Can Do Catering does not provide tables or table coverings. Clients are responsible for providing Darwin Can Do Catering with an appropriate amount of tables to properly serve & display food. Client is responsible for providing all skirting and table coverings.

    (           ) initial

    Part C

    Function Timetable

    We require a schedule of the events of the day. This schedule should include when you plan to arrive at the hall, the blessing, Bridal introductions, the time dinner is to start, & when speeches are to begin & end. (See Appendix A )

    (          ) initial

    Contact Person

    Prior to the starting of the catering event, we would like to know who the Master of Ceremonies or contact person is and speak with them. This allows the person who is in charge and representing Darwin Can Do Catering to go over announcements or changes to the catered event.

    (          ) initial

    Delay of Event

    Darwin Can Do Catering disclaims any responsibility or liability or quality, or freshness of food in the event the agreed serving time is delayed for any reason, should the agreed serving time be delayed, the client will be billed a minimum charge of $50.00 per half hour to cover time for staff.  (         ) initial

    Wine Glasses

    If Darwin Can Do Catering is contracted to remove wine glasses from the dinner tables, an announcement must be made prior to the dinner notifying guests, If the guest wishes to keep the glass, we will leave the glass with them and the responsibility will be left with the client. We will not be responsible for any breakage.

    (          ) initial

    A numbered invoice with a signed contract from part of this receipt and is a true copy of this contract and hereby acknowledged by the client and Darwin Can Do Catering. The client or any person signing this contract on behalf of a client, shall not alter or adjust this contract in any way. Any alteration of this contract by client shall deem this contract null and void.

    Client Signature:

    I hereby agree to and accept the policies set out by Darwin Can Do Catering.


    Darwin Can Do Catering Signature:


    Invoice / Quote Number: ( 2018-00000 )

    DEPOSIT (25%):____________  PD DATE:___________

    2nd Deposit(50%): __________ PD DATE:___________

    Final Payment: _____________PD DATE:___________

    Appendix A


    MC Name:____________________

    Arrival at the hall:_________________

    Bridal Party introductions, speeches:________________________

    Time meal is to start:_________________

    Time meal is to end :_________________

    (Please allow a ½ hour after the end of the meal to allow for clearing, before any major movement of people)

  • Email me at Darwincandocatering@gmail.com
  • Or call 403-227-1621 after  4: 30

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