Darwin Can Do Catering
Weddings, Reunions, Office party, BBQ,.  Great food, service and Value.  Any Group between 75 & 300.   Over 20 years of quality you can trust. 

 To Catering by Darwin Ross

The photos below are just a small sample of the buffet styles available.  The different buffets available are listed on the following pages.  

He who hesitates
won't get a plate

The proof's in
the menu

   Catering by Darwin Ross

We offer a versatile catering service and would like to make your banquet as enjoyable and worry free as possible.  We appreciate any suggestions that would assist us in doing this. 

We are available for any groups whether it is roast beef dinner buffet, B.B.Q  for a company party, wedding, family gathering, or  anniversary.

Details on delivery, set up & clean up based on location.  

Contact us at : 403-227-1621 or e-mail at darwincandocatering@gmail.com
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